Glacier Trekking Tours in Ladakh and Zanskar

The visiting mountain full of snow is a dream of the individuals on the Leh, Ladakh and zanskar trekking trip. Glaciers in Zanskar despite their coldness have a tendency to attract adventurers with the enthusiasm and ready to accept challenges. Spritual trek provide a matchless opportunity to get to know this appearance of the Nature. What is in stock for the trekkers on the ice-glazed treks to the invincible snow covered glaciers? Answer for this question is just about everything that Nature on the mountain has to show. Leh Ladakh and zanskar glacier tours have sufficient views of awesome valleys, calm mountain lakes, thick forests covered in snow here and there, speedy rivers, cascading and frozen water streams as well as waterfalls, grasslands with prismatic colours and invitingly shining glaciers finally as the landscape changes its colours from the starting to the end.

Famous Glacier Trekking Destinations in Ladakh

Even when it is not actually trekking ‘on’ the glacier but ‘to’ it till ‘Zero Point’, Glaciers trekking expedition in Zanskar gives collection of experiences. Zero Point is understood as a stand point for glacier sighting which is around 500 m away from the actual glaciers, going beyond zero point is banned due to appearing danger of glacier-sliding. As far as ‘collection of experience’ is considered, take the instance of Pindari and Namik. Pindari Glacier could be trekked to even with family having kids; on the other hand Zanskar have, Namik Glacier that would need strength in courage to actually finish the trekking trip. Some of the most popular glaciers in Ladakh and Zanskar are Drang Drung, Nubra, Siachen, Baltoro, etc.

Drang Drung Glacier Zanskar

There are very few glaciers in the world where you can reach by road, and Drang Drung Glacier in zanskar valley is that one such spectacular glacier sight in India. The 22 kilometers long Drang-Drung-Glacier, situated just after crossing the Pensi La into the Zanskar valley, is Ladakh's largest glacier accessible to tourists. For all the adventure lovers, the glacier is just astonishing to visit but needs three days difficult trek from Padum. The three days trekking trip from the beautiful Leh Zanskar valley and you can expect to see the natural wonders like stunning glaciers, amazing mountain ranges, and fruit orchards.