Ladakh is very beautiful place on the earth famous for its lakes, mountains, valleys, passes, monasteries and ancient culture, everything in Ladakh owns a magical touch, it seems. To feel and touch the beauty of Ladakh there are different ways of experiencing the beauty of Leh, Zanskar and Ladakh, but when it comes to coming close to nature, none can beat trekking in Ladadkh and Zanskar. Trekking in Ladakh is one of the adventure. During Ladakh trekking you may come across rare sights of wild animals, valley of flowers and culture of Ladakhi people which you wouldn’t otherwise. A thousand thoughts comes into your mind as you walk through marvelous scenes and think to yourself – the pride of Mother Nature are indeed infinite!

However, before you go trekking in Ladakh, you should know about the most popular treks in Ladakh and Zanskar are famous and what each of trekking route have to offer. By having knowledge of Ladakh treks, you can decide for yourself and choose which treks you want to explore. Before going to any trekking expedition in Ladakh, it’s very important to know which is the best time for trekking in Zanskar, this valuable information about trekking in Ladakh makes your trekking expedition a successful. You will find all information require for Ladakh expedition in this trekking in Ladakh travel guide.

Most popular treks of Ladakh

I am sure you are interested to know what are the most popular treks in Ladakh and Zanskar valley. This article will tell you about the most popular treks of Ladakh that give you the best of adventure and sightseeing during Ladakh Expedition. You think you better know what beautiful place is in Ladakh and Zanskar? You cant feel and experience it until you undertake one of these treks.

Chadar Trek or The Frozen River Trek

With the decrease in temperatures during winters season, the Zanskar River turns into a hard blanket of snow and solid ice. This is the right time when this famous Chadar Trek can be explored. Chadar Trek or Frozen River trek is one of the most popular treks in Zanskar region of Ladakh, Chadar trekking expedition takes you to a world of icy wonders. Some times, you will also have the feeling of sliding over icy ground made by nature on river. You must be careful during Chadar trek Expedition, the chadar trek can get quite challenging many times! What the Chadar Trek will leave you with are lovely memories on skidding frozen river and an appreciation of wonders created by nature. Chardar Trek or frozen River Trek is on the Altitude of 12,361ft, 3,850 m from sea Level. Best Season for Chadar Trekking Expedition in Zanskar is Mid-Jan to end-Feb. Explore our exclusively crafted Chadar Trek tour package by spiritual trek.

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