If you think you are tough enough for trekking? Try the Stok Kangri Trek in Ladakh. The Stok Kangri Trekking expedition is one of the most challenging treks in Ladakh India. During the Stok Kangri trekking expeditions, you will come across many sceneries, each of which depict a different picture of Ladakh and Zanskar’s beauty. You are also have an opportunity to see spectacular views of Zanskar and Indus Valley during the trekking expeditions of the stok kangri trek. It should be noted though, that stok Kangri trek is certainly not for the weak heart expeditors due to its incredible height and difficulty in trekking. Before conquering the Stok Kangri peak you have to prepare yourself physically and mentally. Once you reach the summit though, you can enjoy breathtaking views of K2, or Mt. Godwen-Austen. Stok Kangri is about 6,000m, 19,685ft high. Best Season for conquering is Mid-July to mid-September.

Snow Leopard Trek

Snow Leopard Trek is one of the best treks in Ladakh because it give you plenty of adventure, but also give you a chance to see the fascinating wildlife. Snow Leopard Trekking route covers the Hemis National Park, which spread over 600sq. km in the valleys of Markha and Rumbak. While the other trekking expeditions show you the natural beauty of Ladakh, this Snow Leopard Trek gives you an opportunity of spotting rare and endangered species that live exclusively in the cold desert of Ladakh. Some of these animals are ibex, snow leopard, Ladakhi Urial, marmot, Tibetan Hare and antelope and many others. Snow Leopard Trek is situated on the Altitude of 3,000m, 9,842ft from sea level. Best Season to explore the Snow Leopard Trek is January-February.

Markha Valley Trek Ladakh

Markha Valley Trek is one of the best treks for learners who just started trekking expeditions in Ladakh. It’s also known as the “tea-house trek” because the trekker can expect lodging in parachute tents in the villages of Ladakh along the way of Mrkha Valley Trek. Markha Valley Trek is just the right and best trek for you if you are new to trekking. During the course of Markha Valley trek, the astonishing beauty of Ladakh greets your eyes. The fratures of Markha Vallley trek is the Kongmaru La Pass, an fabulously scenic place located at an altitude of 4,500m from sea level. Besides this, you are treated to the attractive views of the Ladakh and Zanskar Ranges, Kang Yatze and Stok Kangri peaks. Best Season to take markha valley expeditions is June to September.

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